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Writer, director, actor, producer, burrito enthusiast.

MK MorriS

My Story

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All Videos
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Mini Voice For Animation Reel

Mini Voice For Animation Reel

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Everyday Lyrics : Vacation

Everyday Lyrics : Vacation

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Everyday Lyrics : Monopoly

Everyday Lyrics : Monopoly

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Get Happy

Get Happy

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High Hallmark Trailer

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Name That Arab Celebrity - Hollywood's Toughest Gameshow

Name That Arab Celebrity - Hollywood's Toughest Gameshow

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I'm MK - a Toronto-based content creator with a love for improv and sketch comedy. Here are some fast facts about me: 

  • Right now I'm looking for more writing, acting, and voiceover work. (I know, I want it all!)

  • I'm a Second City Conservatory graduate, and was a Tim Sims Nominee in 2016

  • I'm very open about my mental health (OCD, Depression and PMDD) and talk about it often in my writing. 

  • Comedians Getting High and Watching Hallmark is a terrifically fun web series/livestream that I do with Rachel Manson

  • I've been a DGC Member since 2015 and worked for 5 years before that as an AD/Project Manager on various non-union projects

  • I've collaborated with comedy powerhouses Wishful GeniesComedy League, Cackle Comedy, and Identical Twins Productions , and love working in a room or giving notes. I thrive when I'm taking someone else's vision and giving it life, or refining, tweaking, and punching up good content.

Writing Samples

Writing Samples

This is a selection of work which gives you an idea of my range - everything from sketch comedy to Hallmark treatments, spec scripts, show bibles and more.

Script editing is also my bread and butter, whether it's a quick punch up and proofread or a full script doctoring session. 


An autobiographical comedy about depression. This is the treatment, but the feature script won Raindance's Live Option competition: a 2-year option and $1000

Screen Shot 2021-12-29 at 10.14.38 PM.png

Bajillionaires Spec Script - Super Noodles

A spec script for the short-lived family channel show Bajillionaires, written with Micah Warry-Smith. 


Steven Myerschmidt Bites The Big One

One of my college thesis projects based on my award winning short story of the same name. It is a very bad day for Steven Myerschmidt. 


The Anxiety League

Another collaboration with Kaleigh Sutton, this treatment follows Captain Panic and her team of wannabe superheroes as they face off against the power hungry supervillain Society and his mind control formula - "Public Opinion". 


Broad City Spec

Written with my writing partner and co-founder of Nice Lady Media: Kaleigh Sutton.  Based on an episode we had written for our TV series Mama's Green Tea, this spec follows Abby & Ilana  in: Twas The Night Before 4/20


Flo & Joan series bible

Completely unauthorized practically fanfiction series bible based on the music of british sisters and smash comedy duo Flo & Joan. I wrote a pilot too. 


Just Be Claus

A classic MOW romcom, this is the first of many treatments I would write with Corey Brown.


In-Law Games Night

I wrote this sketch two different ways to flesh out which direction I liked more. Honestly couldn't decide, but it was a fun writing exercise. 

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